The Human Design System

COST: $44 / equivalent in egp

Discover Your Uniqueness and Live Life with Greater Ease According to Your Human Design

Human Design is a self-discovery tool that combines Western Astrology with the Hindu Chakra System and the Chinese I Ching. It gifts you with a map of your energy body that reveals the blueprint your soul chose prior to incarnation.

Learning your unique design helps you understand how to better manage your energy levels and personal boundaries, preventing frustration, exhaustion and overwhelm. It also reveals what your purpose and role on the planet is, your optimal strategy for making decisions, what kind of living environment best suits you, and even your ideal approach to diet.

This class is suitable for beginners wishing to understand their own designs, as well as holistic practitioners wishing to expand their toolkit for assisting their clients.

This workshop is for you if:

  • You are affected by other peoples’ energy more than you like and you want to learn how to strengthen your aura and personal boundaries
  • You want to make better decisions, find clarity and alignment
  • You want to understand the unique gifts and talents that you are here to contribute
  • You are interested to learn how humans differ from one another in energy, role and purpose
  • You want to better understand your role in society and the work that you came here to do
  • You want to know what places are ideal for you to live in
  • You are curious to know more about how you should approach food and diet

After this class you will be able to read your own human design chart as well as that of others. You can begin playing and experimenting with friends and family. The information contained within your chart will assist you in all areas of your life, from discovering your ideal diet and living environment to life purpose and relationships.

Cost: $44 per participant

Contact Mayah to inquire about this workshop for yourself or your group via Whatsapp: +20 150 782 2720
ABOUT Your Teacher:

Mehta Mayah

A woman of the wild, Mayah grew up on sixty acres of Canadian woodland and spent her early years running through fields, building forts in the forest, tending to gardens, and saving tadpoles from shrinking puddles in late spring. Her deep sensitivity to the energy of the natural world allowed her to develop telepathic communication with the plants and creatures around her. After completing a Permaculture Design Certification program in 2016, she understood what her experiences as a child were trying to show her- that there is a way of allowing Earth Herself to speak to us, guide us, inhabit our minds and lead us towards a higher evolution as symbiotic beings. She now teaches Deep Ecology fused with Permaculture to help awaken others to the magick of being a human synchronized in Mind, Body, Heart and Soul with Earth.