The 5 Love Languages

90 minutes – $22

Why do relationships suffer and degrade after the initial passion of attraction dies down? Are there keys to cultivating a long-lasting and healthy partnership? How can we best love those we truly love?

Based on the work of Dr. Gary Chapman, the Love Languages explain the five main ways in which human beings express love and affection. Learning to speak these languages will change the game in all of your relationships, including your first relationship – that with your self.

In this class you will learn:

  • How our parents and upbringing shape our perception of love
  • Lost in Translation: How misunderstanding in relationships breeds contempt
  • Stepping out of drama: Ownership and accountability in relationships
  • The 5 Love Languages
  • Identifying your primary love language
  • Tips and tricks for rekindling and reconciling

After completing this class you will understand your own primary love language and how to ask for what you require in your relationships.

Class offered on demand.

After registration you will be sent a link to schedule your session.

Cost: $22

ABOUT Your Teacher:

Mehta Mayah

A woman of the wild, Mayah grew up on sixty acres of Canadian woodland and spent her early years running through fields, building forts in the forest, tending to gardens, and saving tadpoles from shrinking puddles in late spring. Her deep sensitivity to the energy of the natural world allowed her to develop telepathic communication with the plants and creatures around her. After completing a Permaculture Design Certification program in 2016, she understood what her experiences as a child were trying to show her- that there is a way of allowing Earth Herself to speak to us, guide us, inhabit our minds and lead us towards a higher evolution as symbiotic beings. She now teaches Deep Ecology fused with Permaculture to help awaken others to the magick of being a human synchronized in Mind, Body, Heart and Soul with Earth.