The Law of Time & Calendars as Technology

90 minutes – $22.00

“Nature does not hurry, and yet everything is accomplished.” – Lao Tzu

Ever spent a great day having fun with friends and the time seemed to just fly by? Versus another day stuck in school or an office cubicle where the hours just dragged on for what seemed like forever and you couldn’t stop watching the clock? Our perception of Time changes the nature of the reality we experience, and what we experience changes our perception of Time. But what is Time, really? And what have unnatural calendars and mechanized clocks done to our minds? Is there another way to be in relationship to Time that feels more harmonious and free?

In this class you will discover how human consciousness is affected by artificial, mechanized time. You will remember an ancient way of relating to Time – a perspective where past and future collapse into one infinite and eternal present moment Now. Now is all that is and in the Now you are an artist sculpting Time. This is initiation into the realms of magick and self-mastery.

In this class you will discover:

  • The history of the Gregorian Calendar and its affect on human consciousness
  • Ancient and Modern Alternative calendars
  • The Hindu Yugas and The Age of Aquarius
  • The Prophecy of the Ancient Maya and 2012
  • The Galactic Mayan Calendar System and 13 Moons Calendar

After this class you will have a new understanding of Time as Art, and you as the painter! You will be ready to forget about Gregorian time and start experimenting with a new calendar system for you life, realigning to your true evolutionary path and rising as a Magician and Arkitect of New Earth.

After completing this class you can choose to join our Dreamspell Circles.

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Cost: $22

ABOUT Your Teacher:

Mehta Mayah

A woman of the wild, Mayah grew up on sixty acres of Canadian woodland and spent her early years running through fields, building forts in the forest, tending to gardens, and saving tadpoles from shrinking puddles in late spring. Her deep sensitivity to the energy of the natural world allowed her to develop telepathic communication with the plants and creatures around her. After completing a Permaculture Design Certification program in 2016, she understood what her experiences as a child were trying to show her- that there is a way of allowing Earth Herself to speak to us, guide us, inhabit our minds and lead us towards a higher evolution as symbiotic beings. She now teaches Deep Ecology fused with Permaculture to help awaken others to the magick of being a human synchronized in Mind, Body, Heart and Soul with Earth.