Yoga: Science of the Soul

3 HRS – $22 / 350LE

Discover Yoga as a Spiritual Science and Begin Your Unique Journey of Self-Mastery

For beginners, no previous yoga experience necessary

Yoga is about much more than physical postures and exercises. Yoga is an ancient science that explores the nature of reality through the lens of the inward journey of the self. Through yoga we purify the emotions, balance the mind, cleanse the body of karma and activate an expanded awareness of energy and consciousness.

Yoga is a path to becoming SuperHuman- of refining the mind and body until we realize ourselves as Quantum Beings and anchor the fullest expression of our Soul in human form.

Since every individual is unique, there are as many ways of Yoga as there are beings to practice it. Yet, some universal concepts, definitions and principles are essential to know. In this introductory class you will learn the origin and purpose of Yoga, what it can do for you, and how to approach it from your own perspective and needs to develop a practice that works for you.

Join your Cosmic Guide Mehta Mayah for this stellar introduction to Yoga: Science of the Soul.

In this class you will:

  • Discover the true nature, origin and purpose of yoga
  • Explore the 8 limbs (principles) of Yoga that guide the Yogic Path
  • Understand the various schools, forms and styles of Yoga that are practiced in the world today
  • Understand why most attempts at learning yoga fail
  • Understand how yoga heals the body
  • Discover how yoga opens the psychic senses (clairsentience)
  • Discover how yoga mastery leads to the development of supernatural abilities
  • Be gifted with a wisdom that empowers you to develop your own unique practice of yoga
  • Understand your Self through the Metaphysical and Quantum lens


45 minute lecture followed by 45 minute guided asana practice followed by question and answer period.

After completing this class you will have a comprehensive understanding of what yoga is and the many aspects, forms and styles available for you to explore. You will be gifted with the confidence to approach yoga with ease, curiosity and excitement and begin developing your own unique practice suited to your needs and desires.

Class offered on demand.

Please contact us to ask about individual and group classes.

ABOUT Your Teacher:

Mehta Mayah

A woman of the wild, Mayah grew up on sixty acres of Canadian woodland and spent her early years running through fields, building forts in the forest, tending to gardens, and saving tadpoles from shrinking puddles in late spring. Her deep sensitivity to the energy of the natural world allowed her to develop telepathic communication with the plants and creatures around her. After completing a Permaculture Design Certification program in 2016, she understood what her experiences as a child were trying to show her- that there is a way of allowing Earth Herself to speak to us, guide us, inhabit our minds and lead us towards a higher evolution as symbiotic beings. She now teaches Deep Ecology fused with Permaculture to help awaken others to the magick of being a human synchronized in Mind, Body, Heart and Soul with Earth.