With The Galactic Ark Academy

Launching on December 15, 2020 – The Beginning of the New Galactic Mayan Calendar Spin!

The Galactic Ark JEDI Training Program is a 13 week online course that gifts you with an epic synthesis of ancient, esoteric, transcendental and shamanic wisdom and tools that will:

Ground you in your infinite potential and power as a Creator Being.
Lead you to mastery of your emotions, manifestation ability, and multidimensionality.
Awaken your psychic, extrasensory and supramental powers.
Empower you to reclaim your soul identity and personal magick.
Become a force of Peace, Justice and Divine Love in the World.

This program is only offered to 12 Padawans at a time and will launch at the special introductory rate of $111 USD.

Conditioned by the current paradigm of civilization that has fundamentally disconnected us from Nature, we are equally ignorant of our own true nature; we have forgotten we are ultimately Souls having a temporary human experience. We have lost touch with our innate capacity to master the body, energy, and our minds. Our consciousness is caged by the construct of linear, chronological time.

What if we remembered? What if we took heed of the Ancients who wisely stated “Know Thyself” and explored our inner nature as part and parcel of the quantum reality of the universe? What supernatural abilities could we unlock? What new myths and stories could we write about our journeys of awakening that would form the genesis of a wild and magickal new future for seven generations to come?

It is Time to reawaken to Spirit and Soul.
It is Time to explore reality through a new lens; that of our multidimensional, interconnected being and the universe as a holographic playing field of mind.
It is Time to reconnect to the Stars and allow them to guide our evolution once again.
This is the dawning of the Aquarian Age.
We came here to be Fully Human and Fully Divine.

Elemental Achemy


In the Earth weeks we explore the foundational structure of the material universe, from the human body to the outer reaches of the cosmos, and back down to the quantum level of energy, frequency and vibration. Yoga is introduced as the science of ascension.


In the Water weeks we explore the interconnectedness of all things through the paradigm of sacred relationship. Deepen your connection to the Earth and her kingdoms of life, the planets, spirits and higher dimensional beings of Light.


In the Air weeks we open the mind to cosmic consciousness, exploring the realms of Archetype, Metaphor and Belief and their application through the Esoteric Arts and Astrology. The Law of Time and the 13 Moons Calendar is introduced as a tool for conscious evolution.


In the Fire weeks we explore the Divine Design of reality beginning with Fibonacci and Sacred Geometry. We activate the Conscious Creator and Sacred Designer within through the practical and artistic use of Intention and Symbolism in Prayer, Ritual and Ceremony.


The Container of Alchemy
This entire course is tuned to the 13:20 Timing Frequency
of the Galactic Mayan Calendar, synchronizing
our minds and bodies to the rhythm of Cosmic Time.

In this 13 week program you will learn:

  • How your Human exists in relationship to the rest of the Cosmos; at the same time separate and distinct yet part of one unified whole.
  • How to cultivate Sacred Relationship with the Earth and all forms of life, other planets and nonphysical beings and aspects of consciousness, which forms the foundation of Shamanism.
  • How you can transcend ancestral karma and societal conditioning through Yoga, Shamanic Dreaming, and the use of esoteric tools such as Tarot, Astrology and Numerology.
  • How to develop your psychic and clairvoyant abilities.
  • How Archetype, Metaphor and Belief play within your mind and how you can harness their power to consciously create your experience of reality and sense of Self.
  • How the Law of Time governs your Earthly evolution and the tools that are available for synchronizing back to natural time.
  • How to use Symbol, Intention and Emotion to craft rituals, ceremonies and magick.
  • How to embody your Soul’s purpose and free yourself into living a life of bliss.

This course is for you if:

  • You are already on the path of self-actualization, looking to make a quantum leap forward into the highest version of yourself.
  • You seek to develop a spiritual connection to the Earth; to your body and Hers, to learn from Her and realize the Magick that moves in you as Her.
  • You are open, curious, interested, trusting and adventurous; ready to connect, feel deeply and free the playful divine child within you.
  • You are ready to unlock your Galactic Genius, learning the metaphysics of how SpaceTime work, and how your mind crafts reality.
  • You are ready to be held in a safe space as you face and alchemize the shadow of false beliefs, expand and evolve through intimacy and unconditional love.

What to expect:

  • An intimate group learning experience – I only accept 12 students per semester
  • Weekly live interactive lectures followed by Q+A (replays available for you to watch anytime)
  • Weekly live Cosmic Blueprint Sessions where we have fun exploring and decoding our Designs
  • Moonly ritual meditations to ground in Sacred Intention
  • Access to the private Facebook group, forum, resource library and Me for 1 on 1 support!

The Full Program

Week 1 – Initiation

Element: FIRE
Opening Ceremony and Guided Group Meditation. Meet and Greet.
We set our sacred intentions for our journey together.
Lecture: Souls Having a Human Experience: We are Creator Beings
Cosmic Blueprint Session: Galactic Mayan Signature Reading

Week 2

Element: AIR
Lecture: The Law of Time and Calendars as Technology
We explore the significance of our disconnect from natural time through the use of the Gregorian calendar and alternative calendar models that realign our bodies and minds to peace, harmony an synchronicity.
Cosmic Blueprint Session: Galactic Mayan 13 Moons Calendar

Week 3

Element: WATER
Lecture: Energy, Frequency and Vibration: The Unifying Field and Cosmic Ocean of the Interconnected Universe
Everything is energy. From this one mathematical constant the entire universe becomes accessible to the mind of the initiate, however a compass is needed to navigate this complex interconnected reality and that compass is the Heart.
Cosmic Blueprint Session: Western Zodiac Astrology 1: Reading your Birth Chart

Week 4

Element: EARTH
Lecture: Yoga and The Body: The Science of Ascension
We explore the original purpose of Yoga as the eight-fold path that leads to full mind-body mastery, eternal health and vitality.
Cosmic Blueprint Session: Western Zodiac Astrology 2: Transits and Relationships

Week 5

Element: FIRE
Lecture: Harnessing Kundalini: Ego, Shadow and Multidimensionality
Kundalini is lifeforce energy that moves through the body. We all possess an infinite tap waiting to be unlocked. Anything from sex, psychedelics to solar flares can awaken Kundalini, yet if misunderstood this can wreak havoc on our psychological and emotional health. In this session we explore what happens in the body during kundalini awakening and how to manage this energy through waves of ascension.
Cosmic Blueprint Session: Human Design 1: The Energy Body and Aura Types

Week 6

Element: AIR
Lecture: Esoteric Tools as Archetypal Mirrors for the Self
Misunderstood and corrupted by mainstream religion, all esoteric systems are simply tools for self-knowledge. Their purpose is to guide us toward a deeper understanding of ourselves through the lens of Archetypes. Together we explore various esoteric arts including Tarot, Numerology, and the Chinese I-Ching,
Cosmic Blueprint Session: Human Design 2: Profiles, Strategy and Authority

Week 7

Element: WATER
Lecture: The Link Between Shamanism and DNA: Heal Yourself at a Quantum Level
The universal language and codex that reconnects us to our original twelve strand crystalline DNA,
Cosmic Blueprint Session: Human Design 3: Channels, Gates and Incarnation Crosses

Week 8

Element: EARTH
Interactive: Ganja Yoga Session for Deep Healing and Body Awareness
Building on the previous lecture, this week we will shift to an interactive session where we work on embodiment of the knowledge by deeply exploring our bodies with the assistance of Cannabis, a wonderful sacred Earth medicine that heightens the senses and body awareness.
Cosmic Blueprint Session: Human Design 4: Relationships and GodHead Archetypes

Week 9

Element: FIRE
Interactive: Divine Design: Number, Fibonnaci, and Sacred Geometry
We explore the mathematical elegance underlying creation and its potential application in conscious design, from the crafting of symbols to crop circles, gardens and works of art.
Cosmic Blueprint Session: Numerology Profile

Week 10

Element: AIR
Lecture: All is Mind: The Role of Metaphor, Myth and Belief
You’ve probably heard it before: You create your own reality; but how much is this truly understood or embodied? Together we examine the Ancient Hermetic Principles that begin with the statement All Is Mind and explore how to master its application in our real, physical, daily lives.
Cosmic Blueprint Session: Gene Keys Hologenic Profile 1 – Your Genius

Week 11

Element: WATER
Lecture: Accessing the Higher Heart of Compassion and Connecting to Star Races
Known to the indigenous and ancient civilizations of Earth for millennia, higher dimensional Star Beings eagerly await our telepathic and energetic connection. They are here to assist us in our ascension process and in creating a peaceful galactic civilization on Earth. I provide an introduction to channeling and explain how to safely navigate this new realm of connection.
Cosmic Blueprint Session: Gene Keys Hologenic Profile 2 – The Venus Sequence

Week 12

Element: EARTH
Lecture: Permaculture Design: An Introduction
You’ve probably heard it before: You create your own reality; but how much is this truly understood or embodied? Together we examine the Ancient Hermetic Principles that begin with the statement All Is Mind and explore how to master its application in our real, physical, daily lives.
Cosmic Blueprint Session: Gene Keys Hologenic Profile 3 – Unlocking Your Prosperity

Week 13

Element: FIRE
Lecture: Time is Art and You are the Artist
Though this wild Earth adventure is harrowing at times and requires deep courage and fortitude, we are reminded of the Divine Humour of the Game and share our unique perspectives on The Tantra of Being.
Closing Ceremony

Course Launch: December 15, 2020

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