Join The MECCA Network

As a Creator or an Arkitect


Creators are Artists, Musicians, Writers, Photographers, Filmmakers, Decorators, Designers, Permaculturalists, Gardeners, Inspired Tinkerers and Storytellers who have specific talents and skills that they wish to share.

As a Creator aboard The Galactic Ark you have access to our database of people, projects and places seeking your talent.

Connect to Soul Tribe, find work and volunteer opportunities, and travel freely to any location in the network.


Arkitects are Visionary Leaders, Diplomats, Teachers, Technologists, Strategists, Scientists, Engineers, Designers, Alchemists, Magicians, Wizards and Shaman who seek to co-create at a high level with other JEDI geniuses.

As an Arkitect of The Galactic Ark you are a Wayshower dedicated to teaching and guiding others on their ascension journey,

You are part of the mastermind Crew invited to envision and navigate our course as we sail the cosmic sea bridging humanity to 5D.