The Deep Blue Lotus Lounge

Return to your Senses and Immerse yourself in the Mysteries of Nature, Spirit, and Ancient Egyptian Shamanic Magick

~ The Blue Lotus ~

Flower of Ascended Consciousness and Immortality

Revered for her enchanting properties and mystical power, the Blue Lotus is a flower that has been celebrated by ancient cultures and societies for millennia.

In ancient Egypt, she is a symbol of Life and Immortality; Consort of the sun god RA; Opening connection and communication with Spirit and the realms of the Gods; Awakening higher consciousness,

Subtle, yet profound, her psychoactive properties induce deep meditative states, heighten intuition, and promote lucid dreaming. Her physiological effects are euphoric and relaxing, easing the nervous system, the body and the mind.

She is also an aphrodisiac, activating the senses, pleasure, and desire.

The Deep Blue Lotus Lounge is an enchanting evening experience centered around a Blue Lotus Tea Ceremony.

Reserved for a playful, curious and curated group, each Lounge is a unique phenomenon co-created by the Blue Lotus and her Initiates themselves.

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Mehta Mayah

Poet ∙ Mystic ∙ Dreamer ∙ Weaver ∙ Seer ∙ Healer ∙ Sacred Creator ∙ Galactic Mayan Muse

Mayah is a galactic witch and multidimensional muse weaving conscious communities together through her poetry, art, wisdom, and medicine, She uses her gift of psychic-energetic attunement to Spirit and the Earth to explore the metaphysical nature of reality and chart a new course for humanity— one that empowers individuals to embody their Divinity and rise as Magicians crafting a New Earth reality. Her mission is to revive Esoteric Wisdom, remember Cosmic History and play in the Realm of the Mythic with other Ancient Alchemists Awakening. She Dances to the Rhythm of the Earth and Sings to Music of the Spheres.

As we connect with the flower and allow her essence to work through us, she weaves an unscripted. organic syntropy between us. We sink deeper into comfortable intimacy with one another to openly share our stories, vulnerabilities, sensations, and desires.

We open up new channels within our own psyche, astral body, and voice, and explore our sensuality and creativity through poetry, art, music, song, and dance.

~ What to Expect ~

Inter-dimensional Blue Lotus Tea Ceremony

Connect with the Spirit of the Lotus, your Higher Self, and Higher Realms. Mayah calls in the Angelics, the Galactics, and the Ancient Gods to preside over the evening, blessing all present with energetic healing and ascension codes.

Ancient & Ancestral Wisdom Teachings

We discuss: Sensuality, Sexuality, Intimacy, Eroticism, Relationships and Polarity, Kundalini, Tantra, Ancient & Indigenous Traditions, Ascension, Spirituality, Shamanism and Magick,

Connection & Creativity

An organic flow of encounter, communion, and creativity through discussion, expression and play.

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