Your Galactic Passport is a decoding of your Cosmic Blueprint.
This is the unique human design your soul chose for this incarnation on Earth.

Your Galactic Passport reveals the uniqueness of your human personality, your natural gifts and talents, your Earthly mission with its karmic challenges, and your ultimate soul path in this life.

The first key to anchoring 5D is to live in alignment with who you truly are.

Your Galactic Passport gifts you with profound insight and powerful formulas that:
Free you from ancestral conditioning and societal programming
Help you raise your frequency
Improve all your relationships and attract love
Unlock abundance and prosperity
Align you to your true path and purpose
Accelerate your quantum evolution
The Galactic Passport is a master synthesis of information from seven esoteric systems: Western Astrology, Human Design, The Gene Keys, The Kabbalah, Numerology and Galactic Mayan Astrology.


How your Energy Body is designed and how your aura works
Your key strategies to stay clear, aligned, and functioning at your best
Your core purpose and role in society
(Creator, Dancer, Changer, Server, Fixer or Teacher)
What you are here to do and learn
How you best make decisions
How you attract and magnetize opportunities to you
What kind of relationships best suit you
What kind of physical or geographical environment is best suited for you to live
Your ideal approach to diet
How to quickly and easily identify when you are in your shadow
How to unlock your quantum superpowers

The value of these seven readings combined is well over $1000

Get your Galactic Passport for only $144

What you receive:
  • A PDF Passport Booklet containing the synthesis of information from these seven systems and the big picture of what it means for your mission and purpose in this life.
  • A 90 minute videochat with one of our Arkitects to explain the key aspects of your cosmic blueprint.
  • Access to our private online community where you can connect anytime with the Galactic Ark Tribe, ask questions, and share insights along your journey.
  • Access granted to join all Galactic Ark Journeys.

Are you ready to Discover Your Galactic Human Identity?

After your purchase you will be contacted by one of the Arkitects to schedule your session.