The Cosmic You is the You that knows itself as a spiritual being
having a temporary human experience.

This is the You that knows it is worthy of living in a world full of pleasure, joy, peace, love and freedom
—for God is Love and Life is a Gift!

This is the You that remembers itself as a Divine Creator
—a Magician, a Wizard, a Witch or an Alchemist
that possesses an infinite tap to Source energy, inspiration, and power.

This is the You that gains mastery over the body, awakens psychic and supernatural abilities,
and navigates life through magick and synchronicity
—dancing to the rhythm of the Earth and singing to the Music of the Spheres.

The key to reawakening Magick on Earth is to live in alignment with who you truly are. To deeply love your body, follow your intuition, speak your truth and remember your origin in the stars.

                   FIRST KNOW THYSELF

The Galactic Passport gifts you with the most comprehensive synthesis available of your Cosmic Blueprint

Your Cosmic Blueprint is the design your soul chose prior to incarnation. This design contains the archetypal codes of your personality, your mission and purpose in this life, and a map of how your energy body works at its best. All esoteric systems offer lenses through which we can glimpse this design.

The Galactic Passport combines information from a wide range of esoteric systems including: Western Zodiac Astrology, Human Design, Gene Keys, Numerology and Mayan Astrology. It is the most comprehensive reading currently available, delivered to you by the Arkitects who have studied and distilled these systems throughout the course of their own journeys of activating their Cosmic selves.

Your uniqueness is your greatest gift to the world and the source of your magick. Your uniqueness is all that you are really here to express and bring to others.

Conformity breeds stagnation of Spirit and Mind. To break free from all expectations and be uniquely You is to align to the process of life itself which always moves to create harmony through diversity. As you express who you truly are, you contribute your unique energy to the Great Unfolding of Consciousness in this Universe. You automatically align to Love, Life, Magick and Synchronicity!

Ready to Awaken Your Cosmic Self?