Board the Galactic Ark
For An Adventure of Biblical Proportions

For Star Seeds and Inspired Creators

Connect to Galactic Tribe and Power Up your JEDI skills.


A 13 Day Alchemical Journey
from the Great Pyramids of Giza to Mount Sinai
Nuweiba, Dahab and the Red Sea

This Wild Ride Is For You If:

You’re excited to ground in raw nature, connect to your body and the the Earth at some of her most powerful ancient portal sites.

You are open, curious, trusting and adventurous; ready to meet tribe, feel deeply and free the playful divine child within you.

You are ready to unlock your Galactic Genius, exploring the occult doctrines of metaphysics, astrology, magick and mysticism.

You long to sing, dance, share stories and make art, letting your spirit break free and express itself through fun and creativity.

You are ready to be held and to hold,
to expand and evolve through true intimacy
and unconditional love with Star Tribe.


This action-packed voyage is synchronized to Galactic Time through the Art of the Galactic Mayan Dreamspell Calendar.
Not only will you learn about the Law of Time and its affect on Consciousness, you will live the alchemy of the archetypes and frequencies coded within it as an embodied experience.

What to Expect

  • Galactivation in the Great Pyramids of Giza to kick off the fun!
  • Main stay in Dahab, South Sinai right by the crystal clear coral-packed waters of the Red Sea.
  • Daily Morning Circles to ground, connect, review the Cosmic Weather and synchronize to the Mayan Calendar energies.
  • Action-packed days featuring snorkeling, scuba-diving, hiking and mountain climbing- so if you aren’t already- be prepared to get fit!
  • Relaxing, intimate evenings in Bedouin style tent lounges with fireside chats and mystic storytelling.
  • Mind-expanding classes on Marine Ecology, Metaphysics, Cosmic History, Galactic Shamanism and the Law of Time,
  • Music jams, drum circles, voice work, art classes and creative alchemy.
  • Cultural immersion with the Bedouin – Indigenous Tribes of Sinai.
  • Delicious, nutritious vegetarian meals lovingly prepared by our Bedouin Chefs.
  • A nightly menu of self-love and pampering options available including massage, energy healing, spa treatments and other goodies!
  • Personal time for yoga, meditation, journaling and walks about town.

The Main Attractions

The Great Pyramids of Giza

We kick off our journey with an activation at the pyramids

and Mount Sinai

We climb Mount Sinai to watch the sunrise, and visit the monastery

Ras Abu Galum & Nuweiba

Stargazing and mountain trekking in the wild nature of Sinai

The Nabataean Tombs

We visit these mysterious Neolithic era stone monuments

ground into to the earth and Learn

Marine Ecology + Desert Permaculture

In collaboration with RED SEA TRIBE and BIYA Environmental Science Program

Learn about the coral reefs of the Red Sea and greening the desert with foundation classes in Permaculture.

Open your Heart to Sacred Connection

Metaphysics, Multidimensionality + Magick

Experience deep connection with yourself and others – human, plant, animal and intergalactic being! Throughout our journey we will learn to connect in true intimacy to experience deep healing with each other, the Earth, the Elementals and our Galactic Kin.

Open your mind to cosmic consciousness

Cosmic History, Astrology and The Law of Time

The inner workings of Nature and the Universe, delivered in casual conversational format throughout the journey so that learning is dynamic, somatic and embodied. We will also use Human Design, The Gene Keys and various esoteric tools to explore our infinite nature.

set your soul free

Art, Music, Dance and Writing

Daily journalling time, art therapy workshops, a mandala making workshop, voice lessons, and Egyptian Darbuka drum lessons are some of the creative activities and options you can expect!




six days of mix-n-match where you choose your activities based on the elements


in iconic and uber-comfortable Bedouine style lounges


authentic bedouine cuisine as well as local markets and cosmopolitan options at cafes and restos all over town
main STAY:

Dahab, South Sinai.

Eclectic cultural cauldron on the edge of the Red Sea.

A town of 20,000 inhabitants that sits on the edge of the Red Sea, Dahab means “Gold” in Arabic. This is a Biblical Land where the three Abrahamic faiths intermingle with the Bedouin Tribal Indigenous and Western Influences. The cats and dogs roam free as do the fish in the coral sea. Dahab offers much magick yet needs support to remain a pristine natural ecosystem and evolve as a clean ecological city.

Full Itinerary Disclosed to Applicants

Sliding Scale Payment


For Students and low budget, covers the basic costs of the trip,

$1111 USD


Able to give a little more? We appreciate your investment in your growth.

$2222 USD


Affluent and able? Support the other levels with your generosity.

$3333 USD

What’s Included:

  • All transport to and from the airport, to main attractions, and day trips
  • All accommodation (14 nights total)
  • Breakfast and Dinner each day (snacks and lunch at your leisure)
  • All entry and ticket fees for attractions and activities
  • Tuition fees based on selected package

What’s Not Included:

  • Flights to / from Cairo, Egypt
  • Visa Fees (check your country’s regulations)
  • Medical Insurance

Money Back Guarantee

You are responsible for verifying that travel to and from Egypt is permitted by your country of residence prior to purchasing your trip. In the event that covid measures change post-booking and you are no longer permitted to travel due to your country’s restrictions, you will receive a full refund. We must receive your cancellation within seven days of the arrival date to issue a full refund. Cancellation after one week will receive a partial refund.

Are you ready JEDI?

Board The Galactic Ark!

Choose your package, apply, and one of our Arkitects will contact you to arrange all the rest!


$1111 USD


$2222 USD


$3333 USD