The Galactic Ark is a bridge and a platform for Star Seeds and Awakened Creators to connect, learn, evolve and build together.

Part Ascension School, part Spiritual Travel Journey, and part Humanitarian Outreach Platform for our work in the world.

In the Time of Noah, God spoke to one man and instructed him to prepare for a great flood by building an Ark to save Humanity and the Animals.

In this Now Time, a new flood approaches, and we are millions awakening to God within. We are building a new Ark— one of Galactic Consciousness— and reactivating the original Divine Template of our DNA.

We are the Arkitects of New Earth.

The Galactic Ark is a Vessel for 5D Consciousness and Creation

It is built upon the pillars of Wisdom, Beauty, Freedom and Love


Both online and on the ground, The Ark teaches The Law of Time, Cosmic History, Metaphysics, Ecological Design and the Esoteric Arts, and provides all of the tools and support necessary for Star Seeds and Seekers to actualize their full potential.


The Journeys bring voyagers on spiritual pilgrimages to ancient sacred sites for activations and adventure, embodied remembrance of Cosmic History, deep connection with each other and telepathic communication with the Star Nations.


The Mecca Platform aligns Star Seeds and Awakened Creators in physical locations that have high energetic potential to evolve into 5th Dimensional zones. These places offer the ideal conditions for a high level of creativity and grassroots activism.