The Cosmic You is the You that knows itself as a spiritual being having a temporary human experience.

This is the You that knows it is worthy of living in a world full of pleasure, joy, peace, love and liberty— for God is Love and Life is a Gift!

This is the You that remembers itself as a Divine Creator— a Magician, a Wizard, a Witch or a JEDI Warrior that possesses an infinite tap to The Source, The Force, and Free Will.

This is the You that gains mastery of your body, awakens your psychic and supernatural abilities, and navigates reality by Synchronicity— dancing to the rhythm of the Earth and singing to the Music of the Spheres.

The key to ascending Earth to 5D
is to live in complete alignment with who you truly are—
to know and celebrate your uniqueness!


Your Galactic Passport
is a decoding of your Cosmic Blueprint

This is the unique design your soul chose prior to incarnation on Earth. This design contains the archetypal codes of your personality, your gifts, your karma, your mission and purpose in this life, as well as a map of how your energy body functions at its best.

Seven Esoteric Systems Distilled into One

Your Galactic Passport is a master synthesis of information from seven esoteric systems: Tropical and Sidereal Astrology, Human Design, The Gene Keys, The Kabbalah, Numerology and Galactic Mayan Astrology. It is the most comprehensive birth chart reading currently available and is delivered to you by the Arkitects who have distilled the wisdom of these systems through the alchemy of their own journeys of awakening.

Your Galactic Passport Reveals Your Personal Magick

Your unique design is your greatest gift to the world and the source of your personal magick.
Your uniqueness is all that you are really here to express and share with others.
Your Galactic Passport is your permission slip to break free from all expectations and be uniquely You.
It aligns you to the Divine Design of Life itself which weaves a secret harmony through the dance of duality.

As you express who you truly are, you contribute your unique harmonic to the symphony that is the great unfolding of consciousness in this universe. You unleash your personal magick!

One Reading to Rule Them All
(An Initiation)

Your Galactic Passport is your Initiation to your Infinite Cosmic Self.
With it you gain formidable insight and powerful formulas that free you from ancestral conditioning and societal programming and accelerate your conscious evolution.

The value of these seven readings combined is over $1000

Get your Galactic Passport for $144

What you receive:
  • A PDF Passport Booklet containing the synthesis of information from these seven systems and the big picture of what it means for your mission and purpose in this life.
  • A 1 Hour videochat with one of our Arkitects to explain the key aspects of your cosmic blueprint.
  • Access to our private online community where you can connect anytime with the Galactic Ark Tribe, ask questions, and share insights along your journey.
  • Access granted to join all Galactic Ark Journeys.

Are you ready to Discover Your Cosmic Self?

After your purchase you will be contacted by one of the Arkitects to schedule your session.