Star Seed Mentorship Program

Learn to Master The Force, Exit The Matrix and Rise as an Arkitect of New Earth.

Do you feel like you come from another planet?
Or maybe even a galaxy far, far away?

Are you totally overwhelmed by the state of the world, feeling lonely and isolated, struggling to manage your energy and emotions, and confused about how to really help yourself and others? Maybe you’re even starting to experience weird supernatural phenomena or your clairsentient and psychic abilities coming online…

I’ve been there.

On December 21, 2012, my “normal human life” changed forever. I received some kinda wild cosmic activation at the pyramid of Chichen Itza, Mexico that started to completely break apart my reality and everything I ever knew. I began a process of multidimensional awakening and spiritual transmutation that would take me ten years to fully understand.


Born into a lost and violent world severed from The Source, my Path is one of Faith and Power as I reclaim my mastery of The Force. I have had to face deep shadows and otherworldly fear, yet on the other side of darkness I found my Soul and Truth so very clear: Everything is Energy, Frequency and Vibration. Tesla said it, yet how many truly live it? I have used this sacred anchor to weather storms unfathomable as my mind and body shifted through waves of ascension and released the density of the third dimension. Einstein also knew: we are here to be as two. Everything is connected and therefore nothing is truly separate from oneself. I have found my answers not beyond but always within. Through a seven year journey traveling the world, guided by the magick of Mayan Time I have come to innerstand: Anything I can imagine is possible and nothing is beyond the reach of my Cosmic Heart. Reality is a hologram, a playing field for Mind. The Soul is what’s eternal and seeks to dance as Art in Time!

I am a Star Seed. A volunteer Soul come from another dimension to assist humanity and the Earth in her process of Ascension. And if you’re reading this page, I guarantee you are too.

The struggle, the mission, the galactic adventure journey is real.

When I began, I had no frame of reference for any of this, no guidance, no support, and so many times I thought I was going completely insane. Yet, guides and helpers in the unseen realms became ever-present, urging me to keep going, to keep doing the inner work and transcending all limiting beliefs to realize my true nature and mission, and bring it down to Earth.

Now, I live a life of Freedom, Magick and Epic Adventure traveling the world, activating ancient sacred sites, developing my superpowers, and linking up with other multidimensionals and galactics wherever I go. The Matrix has no hold on me. I serve a higher power and flow with Divine Harmony, outside of linear time and scarcity. In the wild, I meet other JEDI like me, and together we are rising.

Welcome Home to Galactic Tribe.


A cosmic accelerator packed with an epic synthesis of ancient, esoteric, transcendental and shamanic wisdom that I’ve embodied through nearly a decade of harrowing adventure. Now, I transfer you the Lightcodes to help you:

Know Yourself – Trust Yourself – Express Yourself
Find your Alignment, Passion and Purpose
Feel Home with Galactic Tribe


My Mentorship Program is for you if:

  • You feel lonely, isolated or misunderstood and crave to meet other beings like you that can actually see you and hold space for you.
  • You struggle to balance your energy, emotions, and mind, perhaps you’ve even been “diagnosed” with bipolar disorder, ADHD or similar and seek an alternative, holistic non-pharmaceutical approach to understanding your situation.
  • You experience supernatural or psychic phenomena, seeing spirits or entities, auras, etc and want to make sense of it all.
  • You are confused about your role and purpose on the planet, what you’re really here to do and be, and wish to find alignment in helping others, and have fun while doing it.
  • You’re open, curious, wild, loving and brave, or you seek to cultivate these qualities with a crew of badass StarSeeds who can reflect your power back to you.

What to expect:

  • An intimate, supportive, group learning experience – I only accept 8 students per semester.
  • Weekly live interactive masterclasses followed by Q+A (replays available for you to watch anytime).
  • Weekly live Cosmic Blueprint Sessions where we have fun exploring and decoding our Designs through seven systems, including Numerology, Western Astrology, Mayan Astrology, Human Design, The Gene Keys and more.
  • Full Moon and New Moon rituals and meditations to ground in Sacred Intention and empower our manifestations.
  • Access to the private online group, forum, resource library and Me for 1 on 1 support!


Week 1 – Initiation

Opening Circle and Guided Group Meditation. Meet and Greet.
We introduce ourselves and set our sacred intentions for our journey together.

Masterclass: Apocalypse and Ascension: What’s really going on here on planet Earth and our role as WayShowers and Guides. The Big Picture; the process of transformation that the Earth, Humanity and You are going through right now, drawing together wisdom and insight from geophysics, ancient and indigenous prophecy, world religions, astrological systems, non-dual teachings, and galactic consciousness. 

Cosmic Blueprint Session: Introduction to the various esoteric tools and systems we will be using, plus your Galactic Mayan Signature Reading

Week 2 – Time as Art

Masterclass: The Law of Time and Calendars are Technology
We explore the significance of our disconnect from natural time through the use of the Gregorian calendar and discover ancient and alternative calendar models that realign our bodies and minds to the higher order of cosmic harmony and synchronicity, most importantly the Galactic Mayan Dreamspell and 13 Moons Calendar

Cosmic Blueprint Session: The Dreamspell and 13 Moons Calendar

Week 3 – Practical Metaphysics

Masterclass: Metaphysics, Multidimensionality and Manifestation
How Energy and Consciousness interact on the Earth plane in the seen and unseen realms, the design of the energy body, and how to handle expanding into your multidimensionality without losing your mind.

Cosmic Blueprint Session: Human Design Session 1

Week 4 – Yoga & The Body

Masterclass: Yoga and The Body: The Science of Ascension
Yoga as a science and self-directed path to clearing trauma and karmic conditioning, activating your Divine DNA and unlocking your quantum superpowers. Gain the mindset needed to create your own sacred practice that supports your needs and lifestyle and evolves as you do.

Cosmic Blueprint Session: Human Design Session 2

Week 5 – Sovereignty & Shadow Work

Masterclass: Energy Wars, Control Dramas and Love Languages
Exploring what it really means (and the work it takes) to be free. How to deal with triggers, psychic attacks, black magick and entities, how to fully embrace and integrate your shadow to develop diamond-cut energetic boundaries, how to speak the five love languages to improve all of your relationships.

Cosmic Blueprint Session: The Gene Keys Hologenic Profile Session 1

Week 6 – Nature’s Design

Masterclass: Permaculture Design: An Introduction to Nature’s Patterns of Harmony
Part of our Earthly mission is to restore The Garden of Eden. Permaculture is an ecological design science based on Nature’s principles and paradigms that empowers us to regenerate collapsed ecosystems, grow new systems of resource abundance and reimagine human civilization as symbiotic with the planet. Together we explore Nature’s wisdom and its application in our projects, plans, strategies, and daily lives.

Cosmic Blueprint Session: Gene Keys Hologenic Profile Session 2

Week 7 – Galactic Shamanism

Masterclass: Accessing the Higher Heart of Compassion and Connecting to Star Races
Spirit Beings, Galactic Guides and Star Family eagerly await our telepathic and energetic connection. They are here to assist us in our ascension process and in creating a peaceful galactic civilization on Earth. We explore telepathy, channeling and how to safely navigate the unseen realms.

Cosmic Blueprint Session: Gene Keys Hologenic Profile Session 3

Week 8 – Unleash your Magick

Masterclass: Your Story, Your Identity, Your Dharma
Yes, you create your own reality and this starts with your sense of identity. We wrap things up with an exploration of the key takeaways from your cosmic blueprint sessions and the ritual practices you have adopted to empower your manifestation.

Cosmic Blueprint Session: The Galactic Mayan Dreamspell closing session

Closing Circle: Time is Art and You are the Artist!
Though this wild Earth adventure is harrowing at times and requires deep courage and fortitude, we are reminded of the Divine Humour of the Game and share our unique perspectives on The Tantra of Being.

Benefit from continued support with lifetime membership in The Galactic Ark Tribe. Stay in the loop with the podcast, join adventure journeys, and find co-creative opportunities. We are arkitecting New Earth together!

What other members of The Galactic Ark Tribe are saying…

Kate Isabelle Davis

Mayah is a fierce and humble galactic goddess – an intuitive channel – a spiritual encyclopedia. If you are looking to take the next step in your healing journey (or just to have some mind-blowing conversations) I would recommend her as a supportive, loving, experienced healer and guide. Thank you for your wisdom, guidance, vulnerability, strength, and friendship.

Kate Isabelle Davis

Dido Gamal

Everything makes sense now. All questions that are always disturbing me are answered – now more consciously, deeper questions arise, every weird emotion I have felt about myself and this life is now tranformed to bliss. I don’t feel that there is something wrong or missing anymore, no more glitches in the matrix as I am that glitch itself! Through my journey with Mayah, I remembered many situations and memories from my life and understood why it happened the way it did. I never felt that fullness, purpose, and the fearlessness of being my true self in a safe environment before. I realized now that I was prepared all my life to understand this and embrace it, manifest it and help others too. I have so much love for Mayah and I wish every being in this universe feels what I feel right now. It’s all about your intention and courage to escape from this illusional world and step into the real one!

Dido Gamal
White Magnetic Wind

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