Discover Your Galactic Mayan Signature

And enter the mythic magick of the Dreamspell

In the eye of a Creator, Time is Art.

The Maya understood that Time is Art. The only way to transcend the limitations of the matrix and move towards planetary harmony is to re-align to natural time— the cosmic order— and see ourselves once again as Creators.

Your Galactic Mayan Signature gifts you with an understanding of your energy and personality in a creative, playful, and whimsical new way…

Are you a White Wizard here to enchant?

Or a Blue Monkey inspiring play?

A Red Skywalker exploring uncharted frontiers?

Or a Yellow Warrior leading the way?

The day you were born determines your Galactic Mayan Signature, also called your KIN.

There are 260 KIN in total to discover in the Dreamspell, a modern twist on the Ancient Mayan Tzolkin Calendar.


A Blue Cosmic Monkey reveals this magick to you!

Hi, I’m Mayah, and I’ve been journeying with the Dreamspell for 7 adventurous years!

Ever since discovering the astrology and cosmic calendar system of the Ancient Mayan Civilization in 2012, I’ve been using these tools as a whimsical guide on my world travels and wild awakening soul journey, I navigated with the Ancient Mayan Tzolkin Calendar for 3 years before switching to the Dreamspell.

What began as a curiosity became a living mystical science experiment that unlocked a new awareness of time and space, my identity as a Galactic Human, and a neo-tribal way of relating to others here on Earth.

The Dreamspell is a compass that aligns me to synchronicity— the higher order of cosmic harmony and Nature’s timing frequency. With this I navigate reality in a completely different way, transcending the 3D matrix timeline of chaos and destruction and replacing it with the natural course of planetary evolution.

The KIN unlock my natural genius and free my creativity. By knowing my signature I know my personal magick— the gifts I have to share that I don’t even need to think about, they are simply what and how I am. As I encounter all the crazy characters of the Dreamspell— Dragons and Storms and Winds oh my!— we recognize each other in a neomythic way as Cosmic Creators and Galactic Tribe arkitecting New Earth. But what I’ve discovered cannot be expressed with words— you must feel it for yourself!

God is Love and Time is Art!

Are you ready to play?

Discover your Galactic Mayan Signature with me and activate your Galactic Human identity!


  • Your personal transmission where I decode your Galactic Mayan Signature (via live videocall, also recorded so you can refer back to it as often as you like).
  • An introduction to the Law of Time, and the wisdom and science of the Mayan calendar system.
  • A tutorial on how to use the Dreamspell as an esoteric calendar for daily guidance and creative inspiration.
  • Lifetime membership aboard The Galactic Ark online community!

Join my Galactic Tribe, get your reading with me today.


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After your purchase I’ll send you an email to schedule our call. Purchase includes: 60min Videocall with me + recording, pdf booklet with extended information, and access to my online community and moonly zoom calls!

In Lak’ech Ala K’in

I am another you, you are another me.