Nick D’Urbano

I had the pleasure of working with Mayah on two web-based design projects. Her professionalism, dedication and work ethic were second to none. I continue to recommend Mayah to friends and colleagues alike. If you’re looking for an incredibly talented designer, Mayah is the first and only place you’ll need to look!

Billy Mai Brooks aka Shams

I have been Mayah’s client in various fields and have been impressed by her work every time. She is clearly very intuitive and spiritually developed, yielding herself to become a channel to guide and heal you. Her overall energy is calming, yet cheeky, and there is a purity to her soul which gives you the space to be vulnerable. I always leave a session with her feeling incredibly motivated and inspired to achieve my full potential. Whatever the topic, Mayah’s work is deep, thorough, eye-opening and magickal. She strives for a strong connection with each person she works with, completely opening herself to you with zero judgment, ready to guide you in whichever way you need. Her non-dual understanding of life, people and the Universe makes her an excellent teacher and a brilliant friend.

Eli Levinson

I have worked with Mayah on web, branding and marketing projects and she is probably the most well-organized and efficient person I have ever met. She is always able to quickly ascertain the main needs of a client and effectively communicate her vision of what work needs to be done. She is very easy to work with, being open to new ideas while maintaining a sense of the end result.  Her ability to think quickly and intelligently, as well as an openness to outside ideas, makes her an excellent teammate, resource and leader in many different contexts.

Kate Isabelle Davis

Mayah is a fierce and humble galactic goddess – an intuitive channel – a spiritual encyclopedia. If you are looking to take the next step in your healing journey (or just to have some mind-blowing conversations) I would recommend her as a supportive, loving, experienced healer. Thank you for your wisdom, guidance, vulnerability, strength, and friendship.