Dido Gamal

Everything makes sense now. All questions that are always disturbing me are answered – now more consciously, deeper questions arise, every weird emotion I have felt about myself and this life is now tranformed to bliss. I don’t feel that there is something wrong or missing anymore, no more glitches in the matrix as I am that glitch itself! Through my journey with Mayah, I remembered many situations and memories from my life and understood why it happened the way it did. I never felt that fullness, purpose, and the fearlessness of being my true self in a safe environment before. I realized now that I was prepared all my life to understand this and embrace it, manifest it and help others too. I have so much love for Mayah and I wish every being in this universe feels what I feel right now. It’s all about your intention and courage to escape from this illusional world and step into the real one!

Kin 222 White Magnetic Wind