Love + Relationship Astrology

For Singles, Couples, and Twin Flames

Our birthcharts hold many clues about how we love and what we seek in love.

Understanding your love style and relationship karma improves your ability to attract, recognize, and keep the right partner.

If you’re already in a committed relationship, a reading provides insight on how to better manage conflict and call in more peace, harmony and abundance to your union,

For Twin Flames, the journey is a deep reprogramming of self before divine union can occur, A reading will help you see the karmic load you are here to clear, separate and together.


To have a healthy relationship with anyone, we must be willing to look at our shadows, so we start with this. I show you:

  • What your biggest karmic wound is about, which invariably shows up as drama in relationships when we slip into codependency patterns – Chiron
  • Where you most doubt and therefore “exile” yourself – Lilith
  • Where you are the most obsessive and manipulative, therefore also create a lot of drama in relationships – Nessus
  • Where you are the most driven, yet also stubborn (masculine energy) – Mars
  • Where your female warrior spirit absolutely won’t compromise – Pallas Athena

Then, the fluffy white stuff:

  • Your personal expression of love, beauty and romance – Venus
  • What it takes to inspire true commitment from you, i.e. marriage – Juno
  • What inspires your nurturing energy, motherhood, family – Ceres
  • Your deepest passion, sacred fire and expression of your sexual energy – Vesta
  • What energies and archetypes illuminate your 5th, 7th and 8th houses, which are about romance, children, relationships and intimacy. 

Finally, how to do some quick compatibility checks based on Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Saturn and Venus. 

All of this will help you cut through the programs to understand what you’re really looking for in your partner, and how you can better manage your own self-sabotage tendencies. 



My Chiron and Juno are both in Taurus in the 7th house of relationships. My North Node and Vesta are in Gemini also in the 7th. My Saturn is in Scorpio in the 12th. My Venus is conjunct my Moon in Aquarius in the 3rd… if this is all Chinese to you, it basically sets me up to be a very powerful relationship coach!

My karmic mission has been about transforming the shadow of domestic violence, religious oppression, and sexual abuse into Sacred Union. I’ve spent over twenty years exploring the full range and spectrum of possibilities in human connection… from several long-term monogamous committed partnerships to years of free love and polyamory with both men and women. I am also a Twin Flame about halfway through the arduous and cathartic journey of balancing with my other half.

Through clearing the trauma held in my body from generations of oppression and abuse, I have learned a lot about sex and relationships from a shamanic and transcendental cosmic perspective. I use astrology as a tool to quickly illuminate the blind spots that regular therapy or counseling would take years to uncover. My focus is on empowering you as an individual first to know thyself, therefore opening you up to authentic, meaningful and lasting connection.